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Nikos Tsileponis

Nikos Tsileponis

icon-text-blockquoteNowadays, it is highly recommended that one put their money in investments of guaranteed return. Thus, it is my firm belief that joining the MSc in Banking and Finance of the International Hellenic University will prove to be a successful investment move.

First of all, studying at the International Hellenic University has given me opportunities to work alone and as a part of a team, realizing the importance of each case. Moreover, I learned to regard time management as a key to success, since it helped me very much to get high degrees and gain valuable experience from writing papers on time.

Apart from the academic gain from attending this university, I also had the chance to live in a diversified student community and come in contact with people from all around the world. I consider this among the most valuable experiences a person can obtain, since one gets the chance to widen one’s scope, become independent and fully develop one's talents and abilities.

All in all, to my mind, getting a postgraduate degree in Banking and Finance will provide me with all the necessary tools for either claiming a workplace or going forward to the research field.blockquote_right

Nikos Tsileponis (MSc in Banking & Finance), Greece

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