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Antonios Chantziaras

Antonios Chantziarasicon-text-blockquoteI recently completed my MSc in Banking and Finance at the International Hellenic University. The IHU is an institution that brings together cultures from all around the world. This multicultural environment has broadened my horizons and really changed my view about various things. During my studies, I also appreciated being taught by professors with real-world experience, ready to equip us to confront real situations in our future careers. All courses were well-structured while the different methods of assessment ensured that they were both challenging and purposeful.

In addition, the IHU is an institution committed to academic excellence via investing in tools for research such as databases and special seminars. The contribution of the IHU Career Office in developing one's talents is also admirable. Careers Office activities and seminars gave me the opportunity to gain instruction from professionals on developing my communication and analytical thinking skills.

My advice to prospective students is that the International Hellenic University is definitely the right choice for further education, as long as quality education is your preference.blockquote_right

Antonios Chantziaras (MSc in Banking & Finance), Greece
Research Assistant, Aston University

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