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Sofia Zempiliadou


icon-text-blockquoteAfter taking my first degree in social sciences, which was a programme of study general in nature, and after working as a sales manager, I decided I wanted to specialize in management and also combine it with the opportunity to enhance my English language skills.

Learning to study at the International Hellenic University at the age of 22 was a bit of a challenge at first as I had to deal with both a new subject that I had not studied before and the difficulty of the foreign language. However, the staff was very friendly and helpful, willing to inform me about the courses and how I could use important resources such as the library and the computer systems.

The reason that attracted me most to the IHU was not only the facilities that provide plenty of space for studying and spending our time pleasantly, but the opportunity to get in touch and cooperate with people from different countries and origins and all these in my country!

There is no doubt that I have become more confident and more successful in my efforts related to business science. It is a motivation for me to start my career as a professional individual ready to deal with any challenges I may face in the future. blockquote_right

Sofia Zempiliadou (MSc in Management), Greece

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