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The International Hellenic University is happy to announce its Partnership for the MSc in Bioeconomy: Biotechnology and Law with the University of Leiden, Netherlands and Perseus Company, Belgium within the framework of the Erasmus + 2018 Strategic Partnership for the Higher Education Sector. The aim of the Partnership is to connect Academia with the Bioeconomy market and to develop a curriculum that responds to the needs of the students in combination with the needs of the labor market, in biosafety related subjects. The partnership will address the gaps in academic knowledge and relevant skills in biosafety, biorisk management in clinical research and environmental protection in direct connection to the market and societal needs.

The purpose is to design a curriculum addressing student and labour market needs through hands-on activities and case-study analyses. Our students will benefit from the teaching, experience and guidance of Biosafety Specialists in the Environment and Clinical Research and will have the opportunity to be trained for a week at our Partners' premises on practical topics related to managing biosafety issues. Our Partners include the University of Leiden, Netherlands (, world-leader in Biosafety assessment in Biomedical research and the Belgium-based Perseus Company, specializing in consulting in Biosafety management and Biotechnology regulatory challenges (

Congratulations to our recent EMBA graduates, Margarita Angelidou, Ioanna Papachristou, Stavros Barmpas and Spyros Sofianos, for winning the Environmental Awareness Award OIKOPOLIS 2018, for their assignment 'Strategy for increasing awareness about the benefits of pedestrian mobility and accessibility to public spaces for the citizens of Thessaloniki'! The award ceremony was organized for the tenth consecutive year by the organization ECOCITY on 2 June 2018 on the island of Milos, Greece, under the auspices of the Municipality of Milos.

The assignment was carried out in the framework of the Field Trip of IHU’s EMBA programme, under the valuable guidance of Dr. Korina Katsaliaki and Dr. Stavroula Laspita. The purpose of the assignment was to develop an integrated strategy for increasing the awareness of citizens of Thessaloniki, as well as businesses and public organizations about the benefits of active, unobstructed and safe pedestrian mobility in the city. The strategy was based on an extensive investigation about the preferences of the city’s inhabitants (over 500 fully completed questionnaires). The consultation was given to the “Union for the Rights of Pedestrians” (, a well-known local NGO promoting pedestrian mobility and public space accessibility in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. In addition, the NGO received tailored advice towards effectively addressing their most pressing organisational and management challenges.

Through the developed strategy, the four EMBA graduate students intend to highlight the need to introduce strategic thinking and high quality organizational management in civil society.


Alexandros Iliadis Castillo, student of the MA in Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Studies, won third place over 72 participants at the International Essay Competition of the 25 th Anniversary of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation – PABSEC with his essay entitled ”New challenges in the region, Internationalization of Education and Enhancement of Social Participation”. The event took place in Tirana from 19 to 21 June 2018.

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