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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Participate in the award programme ‘Synergazomai’




New deadline for submissions 07/04/2016


Α. Introduction

“Synergazomai” is an award programme initiated by Industry (IT companies and other industries), academic institutions, and research centres (universities and research organizations) in order to provide incentives for technological cooperation, and thus to transfer expertise between organizations and develop innovative products and services. Furthermore, it aims to continue, develop, and promote, throughout the year, the synergies created within the framework of the annual Technology Forum ( and those outside it.

Synergies may be technologically oriented (contribution of expertise from every organization) or business oriented (marketing technology solution) or both.

“Synergazomai” is co-organized by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), the Center for Research and Technology (CERTH), the University of Macedonia (UoM), the Greek International Business Association (SEVE), the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING), the International Hellenic University (IHU), and the Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece (SEPVE). The initiative is under the auspices of the Region of Central Macedonia, the General Secretariat of Research and Technology, Alexander Innovation Zone, Enterprise Greece (EG), the Municipality of Thessaloniki, and the active participation of the Alexander Technological Institute of Thessaloniki.

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Β. Conditions

Conditions for participating are the following:

  • Synergies shall include IT applications and tools.
  • There must be at least two cooperating partners.
  • Synergies must be active during the past 3 years.
  • The award programme is open to participants from different sectors apart from those mentioned already (industry, research)


C. Time frame

  • 16/02/2016: Announcement of award programme – Call for submissions
  • 24/03/2016: Deadline for submission of entries.
  • 09/05/2016: Announcement of evaluation of entries. -
  • 18/05/2016: Award ceremony during the 3rd Technology Forum.


D. Awards

Winners will receive monetary awards and also the synergies will be made public as follows:

  1. During the 3rd Technology Forum
    1. Ten minute presentation of the winner
    2. Awards will be given to three teams and there will be a brief (3’) presentation of the second and third winning team
    3. Presentation of all participants in a poster session
  1. Websites
    1. The three winning teams will be presented on the websites of the 12 organizations supporting the award programme
    2. The three winning teams will be presented on the website of Technology Forum
  1. The projects of the three winning teams will be communicated through the media

Monetary awards include (see details in Greek):

1st prize: 2.000 Euro
2nd prize: 1.000 Eurο
3rd prize: 500 Euro


Ε. Submission process

The cooperating organizations should submit the entry form through:

The deadline for submission is 24 March 2016 07 April 2016. Information submitted shall include: “Contact person name”, “Organisation”, “Email address”, “Telephone number”. The file must be submitted in PDF form and include answers to the following questions.


F. Entries

Entries shall consist of an Abstract, Description of proposal, team complementarity and experience and impact. It will be evaluated based on the last three criteria. More specifically, the entry form shall include:

  1. Abstract (public): Brief description of synergy (partners, object), (maximum half a page).
  2. Description of proposal (confidential): Detailed description of the problem, objectives and vision that resulted from the cooperation, the functionality and technologies involved (technological description of the proposed solution), the development of the solution (developed prototype/software system, etc) (maximum 3 pages)
  3. Team complementarity and experience (confidential):
    1. Description of partners involved in the synergy, description of each partner involvement in the project, development of synergy (e.g through Technology Forum, through other associations) (maximum one page per partner). 
    2. Description of team complementarity and the benefits from the synergy (e.g. reduction of resources, expertise exchange) (maximum 2 pages).
  4. Impact (confidential): Description of the business potential and proposed solutions (e.g. new customers, new markets or turnover) description of the process of improving competitiveness of the organizations involved and prospects of cooperation in the future (maximum 2 pages).


G. Information

For further information, please contact:

CERTH Chrysoula Katsikaki 2310-498.157
UNIVERSITY OF MACEDONIA Tina Arvanitaki 2310-891.864
SEVE Marinos Tsagkarakis 2310-535.333
SEPVE Fotini Petmeza 2310-365.130
ΑLEXANDER INNOVATION ZONE Lida Papatzika 2310-379.341
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