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Friday, 04 April 2014

Energy Law: hydrocarbons (oil - gas) Legal, Financial, Environmental, Investment, and Geopolitical Aspects Workshop Conclusions, 14/03/2014

Important conclusions for the energy market and consumer behavior of Greeks came out during the workshop on "Energy Law: hydrocarbons (oil - gas) Legal, Financial, Environmental, Investment, Geopolitical Aspects" organized by the International University Greece, Athanasios Kaisis Law Professor, Member of the Governing Board of the International Hellenic University and Chairman of the EPA Thessaloniki Board.

According to data presented during the conference penetration of natural gas in Thessaloniki in 2013 amounted to 48% of the population and it is estimated that 670,000 people of Thessaloniki are currently users of natural gas. As stated in his presentation titled: "The penetration of natural gas in Thessaloniki and Thessaly ", Mr Leonidas Mpakouras, Commercial Operations Director, External Relations & Regulatory Affairs PSC PSC - Thessaloniki Thessaly, in 2018 more than 830,000 residents will use natural gas in Thessaloniki, a percentage that would amount to 64 % of the population.


Also as stated in Mr. Ananias Tompoulidis, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia, speech : "the mixture of natural gas consumed in Greece in 2012 came, 56% of Russia (Gazprom), the 14% of Turkey (Botas), 17% from Algeria (LNG from Sonatrach) and 13% other suppliers spot LNG (Eni, Qatar). Also the same year, sales of natural gas consumption by sector were: 66.3% in electricity, 18.1% in industry and 15.6% in the PSC for domestic consumption."

Regarding environmental protection is worth noting that according to data presented at the conference between 2000 - 2013 consumed more than 2.8 billion Nm3 (unit mass quantity of gas), substituting oil and fuel oil, with the result that charged atmosphere of significant quantities of pollutants: carbon dioxide (3,418 tons), sulfur dioxide (2,315 tonnes), carbon monoxide (506 tonnes), nitric oxide (5,566 tons) and particulate matter (PM) (2,214 tonnes).

Professor Athanasios Kaissis presentation covered the legal and regulatory framework of energy distribution in Greece. Prof. Kaissis after analyzing the steps of providing legal protection for disputes in the hydrocarbon sector and assessed the model contract for the lease of the Greek government, which has drawn the ministry, remarked that: "While the model contract is in accordance with the international standards, the practice of appointment of "one expert only" by the State with a unilateral act is contrary to the international practice and raises issues about the independence and neutrality of the expert."


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