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Thursday, 14 November 2013

An Honorary Doctorate of the International Hellenic University was conferred on Professor Dr Dr Franz Josef Radermacher, 8/11/2013


Dealing with the Limits to Growth in Times of Crisis” was the subject of an event that took place on Friday, 8 November 2013, at 6.15p.m in the Auditorium of the International Hellenic University, followed by a ceremony conferring the title of Honorary Doctor of the International Hellenic University on Professor Radermacher for his contribution to Economics, Innovation and Global Sustainable Development. Members of the audience included several official guests: the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr Ingo von Voss, the Honorary Consul of Austria in Thessaloniki, Ms Evelyn Papadopoulou, and Professor Agni Vlavianou Arvanitis, President and Founder of the Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome and President of the International Organisation for Biopolitics.

The object of the event was to discuss the essential role of sustainable development if we are to overcome the current crucial global situation. To that end, the keynote speakers, Dr Peter Johnston, President of the International Advisory Council of the Club of Rome and Founding Vice-President of Club of Rome's Brussels-EU Chapter, and Professor Dr Dr Franz Josef Radermacher, University of Ulm, Vice President of the Ecosocial Forum Europe and Member of the Club of Rome, highlighted issues relating to markets and sustainability in the context of globalization. It was stressed that global problems require global answers and that a crisis provides the opportunity to tie up the “loose ends” of these problems. Solving these problems through action at a global level presents a political challenge since the current global economic and financial system apparently leads to the opposite of sustainability while international structures of governance currently appear unable, if not unwilling, to implement either the necessary controlling mechanisms or policies for sustainable growth.

With the participation of the audience, a vigorous discussion followed addressing issues such as the impact of the financial crisis on society and how this should be handled according to principles of sustainable development, the failures that lie ahead in the future if we don‘t properly adapt and implement the principles of sustainable development and the fiscal actions necessary to achieve sustainable growth, while improving equity and balancing finances of countries like Greece. The overall conclusion was that it is in our hands now to render the “game” fair again, via a framework of environmental and social rules for the globalized market, combined with a sustainable orientation of the financial and fiscal system, through companies adopting a more moral approach to business. Professor Radermacher’s “moralisation” of society and business is certainly the key.




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