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Monday, 07 January 2013

Intracom Agile Day @ Thess


Intracom Agile Day @ Thess
17th of January, 09.00-17.00

International Hellenic University, Auditorium,

14Km Thessaloniki-Moudania, Thermi, 57001, Greece

‘A day to spread information, share practices, discuss issues, generate ideas’

"After two years implementing agile practices @ Intracom-telecom Local Design Center (IXG) it's time to reflect on our journey. Join us on the 17th of January at Agile day at Thessaloniki. A day dedicated to spread information, share practices , discuss issues, generate ideas!"

for more information on "Agile" refer to the following links

Attendance is free for graduates or senior students of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Natural Sciences, or any other technology related school with basic computer programming skills.

Important: Prior registration is required as there are limited places available. To register for the event please click here

Attendees will be notified by email for their selection. You can attend the workshop only if you have received an email with a positive response to your registration.

How to come to IHU:
Bus line 67B and 67E (OASTh):
Map and other details here:



9:00 Welcome Prof. Ioannis Vlahavas
9:05 Welcome introduction D. Stogiannaris
9:30 Sophisticated Retrospective Techniques K. Rammogiannopoulou, A. Stampouli
10:00 Happy Index/ Mood mapping A. Lagos, S. Poritsa
10:30 Scrum Impediments A. Vasilopoulou
10:45 Self-sustained Scrum teams A. Kaitanidou
11:00 Break
11:15 Feature Starter Package G. Archondakis
11:30 Agile Metrics A. Kaitanidou
11:45 Technical Dept Awareness G. Stamos
12:15 Value Network N. Batsios
12:30 Who broke the build G. Stamos
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Agile in ruins Open for registration
14:30 Give a shot at… Open for registration
15:00 Open space Agile enthusiasts/skeptics
16:30 Reflections of the day N. Apostolopoulos



Sophisticated Retrospective Techniques
This presentation will focus on various ways to conduct a retrospective such as SWOT analysis, Learning Matrix, Sailboat/SpeedBoat, Spider/Radar chart, giving simultaneously the positive aspects of each method. Spider Diagram that was used as a method by MCP Thess 1 will be further analyzed. The most important findings will be presented along with the actions the team has taken in order to overcome these issues. Future updates and enhancements will be further presented

Happy Index/Mood Mapping
Feelings are the fastest feedback. You can track a lot of stuff in Agile projects, like lead time, velocity, bugs and so on. Tracking those metrics helps the team to identify problems early and without them it’s harder to improve. Niko-niko calendar or happiness index is a tool to track the mood of a team,  catch signs of the abnormal state of a team before they go into a really bad situation. And it is essential that the FDT track their feelings before everything is messed up. The value of this practice lies in making somewhat objective an important element of team performance.

Scrum Impediments
The presentation refers to the managing of the impediments and their typical categories. It also shows some impediments that have been reported on team boards and the persons they were addressed to for their removal

Self-Sustained Scrum Teams
The presentation will show how ‘TheOthers’ became a self-sustained scrum team. A first evaluation of their new way of working will be further presented.

Feature Starter Package
This presentation attempts to identify and collect all the activities that are needed, from an FDT team, before a feature starts. It provides a pool of candidate steps which can be taken by any FDT after the assignment of a feature implementation.

Agile Metrics
"TheOthers" team has chosen a group of quality metrics/diagnostics in order to improve its performance. The aim of this presentation is to illustrate these metrics along with the review after the first pilot feature.

Technical Debt awareness
This presentation will help to change the way we think and write PLEX-C code aiming to minimize the technical debt throughout feature development phase. It covers all the aspects of technical debt considering the way it is defined, measured in our product, fit to the Agile and SCRUM framework and ways to reduce it (on individual level or through our processes and framework)

Value Networks
Modeling the collaborative work of any activity as value networks, provide a way for people to quickly define/refine their role responsibilities/expectations, understand critical value exchanges and discuss benefits and risks of any identified interaction. Two challenges that took place in MCP using the Value Network modelling will be presented.

Who broke the build?
Who "Broke the Build" is a game to make Continuous Integration more fun. The aim is to encourage frequent builds and get the most value of CI.  This presentation refers to "who broke the build" adoption by "HairCats" team


Open Sessions

Agile in ruins
Tell us what you would like to tear down from agile; what drives you crazy … Come up with a sketch, a video, a song or whatever else you like …

You have 5’ to express yourself.

Give a shot at ….
Is there something new ongoing?  Are you thinking of starting something new?
Share with us your ideas…

Open Space
Open Space is the time you can bring up to discuss. Bring up a topic and your colleagues can sign up to participate in that discussion.


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