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Monday, 22 May 2017

Data Science & Business Intelligence:

How Big Data & Analytics are Shaping the future

Thursday 25/5/2017, 17.00–18.30, Lecture Room B1


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50 years ago, the great statistician John Tuckey, in his paper “The future of data analysis”, called for a reformation of statistics, pointing to the existence of an as-yet unrecognised science, whose subject of interest was learning from data, or ‘data analysis’. Nowadays, Data Science has emerged as an “umbrella term” that encompasses, among others, statistics, data mining, machine learning and database technologies. Businesses, organisations and governments recognise the need to exploit their ever-growing volumes of data to discover useful and actionable knowledge for competitive advantage. The European Commission has recently issued the findings of its market research, pointing out that although the data analytics market is rapidly growing, there is an increasing shortage of “data workers”.

In this event, the speakers will present to the audience the current status of data science, as well as the future trends. The keynote speaker, Dr Baltagiannis, principal data scientist for SAP, will focus on the available technologies for data scientists. Associate Professor, A. Pramatari will present this year’s “e∙nnovation” digital entrepreneurship competition and will address the benefits of combining data science and innovation & entrepreneurship.

Attendance is free to students, young ICT professionals, the general public and all those who wish to become familiar with data science.

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The working language of the event is English.

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Event program:

 17:00-17:20   Welcome speech: IHU's MSc in Data Science  Prof. G. Evangelidis
Dean, School of Science and
Technology,  IHU
 17:20-17:50 Data Science & Business Intelligence: How Big Data Analytics are shaping the future Dr A. Baltagiannis 
Principal Data Scientist 
SAP Data Science Hub 
 18:00–18:30  Complementing Data Science with Entrepreneurship togain a competitive advantage in the labour Market -  “e∙nnovation 2017”  Assoc. Prof. A. Pramatari
Athens University of
Economics and Business 



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Additional Info

  • Event date: Thursday, 25 May 2017
  • Event time: 17:00
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