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Monday, 16 February 2015

Brand Yourself with Soul

IHU Week 2015


The International Hellenic University

invites you to an event entitled

“Brand Yourself with Soul”

which will take place

on Thursday 26th February 2015 at 11:00-16:00

in Lecture Room Α1, International Hellenic University.


The event agenda includes the following presentations:

Randstad Hellas S.A.: “U Can Do It”
Aliki Tsakmaka, Loukas Katsonis

  1. Self-Awareness: Detect your personal skills and competences & learn what skills companies are currently seeking
  2. CV writing: The best way to present & promote yourself
  3. Interview process: What are the potential employers expecting from you
  4. Job-hunting methods & the crucial role of social media

Grecruitment: “How Social Media Can Help (οr Hurt) You in Your Job Search”
Stavros Antoniou, Xenia Pasternak

  1. Create a social media profile/strategy/brand
  2. Connect and build your network


Finding the right career requires a large time commitment. The key is to start early in your graduate career and employ multiple techniques and strategies.

This seminar aims to motivate youth by providing career counselling through activity based educational modules and to equip future generations with the tools, knowledge and resources necessary for them to thrive personally and professionally. In this seminar you will learn how to Craft an effective CV and a Cover Letter, and prepare for the Interview so as to deliver a strong and persuasive message to potential employers. The more dedicated and diversified your job search is - and the more cleverly you apply the fundamentals of a job search, namely, self-assessment and investigation techniques - the more likely you are to find the true breadth of career options available in Greece and Europe and the right opportunities. Then you will discover how tο use your profiles in Social Media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in a smarter way and learn how personal branding can help you position yourself online to stand out from the crowd.

The working language of the workshop is English.


MINI BIOS of the speakers:


Stavros Antoniou (Managing Director – Grecruitment): Master International Business +10 years of experience in International Recruitment with a focus on the automotive, energy and healthcare market, having successfully placed more than 600 Engineering and Medical Specialists in more than 20 countries.

Xenia Pasternak (International Business Consultant – Grecruitment): Multilingual Architect and Communication Specialist with a professional focus on International Business Relations, offering flexible staffing solutions for international companies from Europe and the Middle East.

Grecruitment – Summary: Grecruitment is a Thessaloniki based cross border recruitment consultancy and a pioneer in recruitment when it comes to supporting Greek professionals in finding a job abroad. Launched in 2009, Grecruitment was founded to supply a flexible, effective solution to recruitment and staffing needs within the global Greek community. During that time, we have strived to listen, learn and evolve an ever improving platform from which we deliver an even better service. To this day, we remain an independent business which has matured and grown into an even more efficient organization to cater for all levels of recruitment.

Grecruitment - Professional focus: Innovative Social Media Recruitment, Employer Brand Development & Digital Talent Strategist, Keen Relationship Builder, Unique Social Media Navigator, Proactive Human Capital Talent Hunter, Talent Match Maker (Selling & Influencing), International Multi-Project Management, Vendor Management, Positive Team Leadership Techniques, LinkedIn Recruitment

Geographical - Client focus: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar - in general a borderless global network of clients looking to fill their vacancies with the most suitable candidates.



Loukas Katsonis: A Sales and HR professional, working over 9 years in Banking and Insurance sectors. He has a bachelor degree in Economics and he is also an MBA holder, specialized in HR Management . He has worked as a Sales Team Leader and a Sales Trainer. He has been Project Manager in various projects such as staff training, induction processes and business development. He has also worked as a guest Lecturer in Private Colleges teaching HR Management with emphasis to Talent Management. He is working in Randstad as an HR Consultant since February 2014.

Aliki Tsakmaka: Born in 1988 at Thessaloniki. She holds a BSc in Psychology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She continued with her studies in the Netherlands, where she completed an MSc in Clinical Psychology and in Social & Organizational Psychology at the University of Leiden. At the University, she was involved with various research projects, with the most extensive one being around Intergroup Relations and the Sociostructural Determinants the affect In-group bias. She worked at the global HR department for the multinational company “Danone-Nutricia”, based in Amsterdam. There she was involved with various strategic, operational and administrative HR topics and with the design and implementation of corporate interventions related to change management and leadership development. Currently, she is employed by Randstad Hellas since October 2014 and works in Thessaloniki branch, as an HR Consultant.

Randstad – ‘U can do it’ programme: During Randstad’s strategy formulation process a sequence of open discussions with youth of Greece took place at Randstad’s premises. We noticed a big “disconnect” between youth & older generations. Students seem to feel uninspired and do not trust older generation. Youth need inspiration, hope, ideas & innovation and Randstad wants to give it to them! The objectives of the ‘U can do it’ programme are to inspire youth by assisting them to think differently in terms of identifying and selecting occupation, to motivate youth by providing career counselling through activity based educational modules, and to equip future generation with tools, knowledge and resources as for them to thrive personally and professionally.


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