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Stella Drougou

Stella Drougou is a Professor (ab 2012 Emeritus Professor) of Archaeology in the Department of History and Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Greece. Her main fields of scientific work include Ancient Greek pottery (specializing in Hellenistic pottery), vase painting, ancient religion, everyday life, topography. She has been a member of the Vergina Excavation team (AUTH) since 1976 and was Director for the period 1992-2002. She has been currently Director of the Polyneri-Grevena Excavation since 1995.

Author of nine monographs and more than hundred publications in Greek and international journals. Member of research teams and committees of Greek and international Congresses.


Publications include:

  1. Das antike Theater von Vergina AM 112, 1997, 281-305.
  2. Krieg und Frieden im Athen des spaeten 5.Jht . v.Chr. AM 115 ,2000, 147-216.
  3. Vergina, The ancient city of Aigai. Brill’s Companion to Ancient Macedon (Leiden 2011).
  4. Der attische Psykter (Wuerzburg 1976) 1-132.
  5. Βεργίνα. Τα πήλινα αγγεία της Μεγάλης Τούμπας (Αθήνα 2005) 1-204.


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