Risk Advisory:Software Asset Management Assistant (IT Audit Graduates)

Nov 7, 2017


Thessaloniki, Greece


As a SAM Analyst you will work closely with senior colleagues who will guide you and share their knowledge and experience.

As a junior team member, you will:

  • be engaged in different projects to build specific experience in the field of SAM;
  • drive activities with our contacts to gather information required to analyse;
  • assist in workshops and interviews to understand a clients’ IT environment, their software estate and SAM processes; analyse the gathered data and information;
  • learn how to manage a project by supporting senior consultants and managers in all aspects of a project: planning, budgeting, etc.;
  • develop your communication and project management skills from the start, where you will be in direct contact with our customers;
  • Support the team in client meetings throughout the project.

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