Aristodemou Georgia Academic Associate, PhD in Roman Archaeology, School ofHumanities

Georgia Aristodemou was born in Cyprus. She studied History and Archaeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where she completed her postgraduate studies in Classical Archaeology. She received her MA and PhD in Roman Archaeology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She specialises in the sculptured decoration of monumental architecture in the Eastern Provinces of the Roman Empire.

Since 1997, she has participated in various excavations throughout Macedonia and Thrace, especially in the region of Kavalla (Philippi) and on the Island of Thasos. She was an active member of the scientific team that took up the research project for the exploration and restoration of the ancient theatre of Philippi, as well as the organisation of the children´s education programme held at the theatre. She was also a member of the scientific team that planned and organised the new exhibition of the Archaeological Museum of Thasos, and she has worked in the project of digitalising part of the antiquities collection of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.

She participated in the designing and publishing of archaeological leaflet guides (ancient theatre of Philippi, prehistoric collection of the Archaeological Museum of Thasos). She has written numerous articles about monumental edifices in Roman cities of Asia Minor for the Encyclopaedia of Asia Minor (, and she is among the writers of a collective volume about the ancient city of Ephesos. Moreover, she attended several Greek and international archaeological conferences as a speaker.

She speaks English, Italian, German and French.


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Selected Publications

  • Aristodemou G., "Sculptured Decoration Of Monumental Nymphaea and Fountains at the Eastern Provinces of the Roman Empire", XI International Colloquium on Provincial Art. Rome and the Provinces: Model and Diffusion. Merida, Spain May 2009. (2011) • Conference Paper
  • Aristodemou G., "The Azov Sea in Antiquity", Paper submitted for the Research Seminar: “Ethnic Culture of the Azov Greeks: the experience and the prospects of research”. Project Coordinator: Ponomaryova Iryna. Mariupol State University, 13th-15th September 2011(in press). . (2011) • Conference Paper
  • Aristodemou G., "“Representations of Women and Children in Roman Banquet Scenes”", XII International Colloquium on Roman Provincial Art: Dating of the stone monuments and criteria for determination of chronology. Scientific Coordinator: Alka Starac. Archaeological Museum of Istria in Pula, Pula, Croatia, May 23-28, 2011 (in press). (2011) • Conference Paper

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