Applying financial theory and models in a variety of business cases is crucial in ensuring exceptional financial outcomes. At the School of Economics and Business Administration of the International Hellenic University we focus on:

  • Bond valuation.
  • Term structure of interest rates.
  • Stock valuation.
  • Debt valuation: term structure and yields to maturity, duration and volatility, credit risk, different kinds of debt.
  • Market efficiency.
  • Portfolio analysis.
  • Capital asset pricing model.
  • Derivatives.

Staff Members

The following staff members are active in this research area:

Andriopoulos Costas

Professor, Director of the MSc in Management, School of Economics and Business Administration

Giamouridis Daniel

Associate Professor, Dean of School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies, School of Economics and Business Administration

Grose Christos

Academic Associate, PhD in Finance, School of Economics and Business Administration

Selected Publications

  • Alexakis C., Grose Ch. and Dasilas A., "Asymmetric dynamic relations between stock prices and mutual fund units in Japan. An application of Hidden Cointegration Technique", International Review of Financial Analysis, (2013), forthcoming (2013) • Journal Paper
  • Grose Ch., "Diversification opportunities through fixed income managed funds in Eastern Europe", Journal of Emerging Market Finance, Volume 12(1), (2013), forthcoming (2013) • Journal Paper
  • Bakalbasis Charalambos, Effects of firm’s size and liquidity on R&D investement, A dissertation submitted for the partial fulfillment for the degree of MSc in Management (2011) • Student Dissertation
  • Dasilas A. and Leventis S., "Stock market reaction to dividend announcements: Evidence from the Greek stock market", International Review of Economics and Finance, Vol. 20, pp. 302-311 (2011) • Journal Paper
  • Grose Ch., "The Determinants of Cash Flows in Greek Bond Mutual Funds", International Journal of Economic Sciences and Applied Research, Volume 4, No1 (2011) • Journal Paper

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