Eastern Mediterranean Region

The program offers interdisciplinary research and teaching in aspects of the Eastern Mediterranean modern and contemporary history; international relations; culture; languages and politics.

The expertise available on the Eastern Mediterranean programme include:

  • Economic History of the Eastern Mediterranean,
  • Interreligious and Interethnic Relations,
  • History and Politics of the Mediterranean
  • Cultural exchanges in the Mediterranean
  • Mediterranean anthropology
  • Diasporas

Staff Members

The following staff members are active in this research area:

Antoniou Giorgos

Academic Associate, PhD, School of Humanities

Tel: +30 2310 807508

Selected Publications

  • Antoniou G., "The Holocaust in Greece and its Legacy", Alexandreia (forthcoming) • Journal Paper
  • Antoniou G., Dordanas S., Marantzidis N. and Zaikos N., "The Holocaust in the Balkans", Epikentro (2011) • Journal Paper
  • Miotto M., "Fatimids and Italians in the Near East in 10th and 11th c. ", Center of Byzantine Studies, Salonica 2008 (2008) • Book Chapter
  • Miotto M., "Byzantium and the defense of Syria: Arabs foederati, Arab raids and Islamic conquest ", Vyzantina, 27, 187-214 (2007) • Journal Paper
  • Miotto M., "Contrasting information from Byzantine and Venetian sources about the sea battle of Rhodes, 1099 or 1100", Vyzantiniaka, 191-207 (2007) • Journal Paper

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