Research Areas

IHU has access to world class academics from business, technology sciences and humanities.

Featured here are some of the many expertise areas we cover. If the area you're interested in isn't featured here, please contact us to talk about your requirements.


Expertise in accounting functions


Expertise in commercial money markets and banking


Advanced research and advice on financial issues


Expertise in management sciences and techniques


Sound knowledge of marketing principles

Product Design

Innovative knowledge in design, development, production and marketing of products

Sustainable Development

A broader education and knowledge of the natural and economic sciences


Advanced research in the management of entrepreneurial ventures

Business Studies for Lawyers

Substantial interdisciplinary knowledge of the economic and business framework.

Transnational Commercial Law

Analysis of commercial law and alternative dispute resolution (mediation-arbitration)

Black Sea Region

Interpretation of the historical, cultural, political and economic data of the Black Sea region

Eastern Mediterranean Region

Eastern Mediterranean modern and contemporary history and international relations

Art, Law & Economy

The legal, financial and political considerations and regulatory approaches about the creation of works of art and their commercialization

Cultural Environment & Archaeology

Research on ancient Greek World and technology


Research on Modern Wireless Communication Systems and Algorithms

Information Systems

Expertise in Informatics, Softwares and Advanced Applications

Green ICT

Algorithms and Applications towards ICT for Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficiency in ICT sector

Renewable Energy

Innovative Knowledge in Clean and Reliable Energy Systems for a Low Carbon Economy

Energy Management

Towards the effective use of energy to maximize profits

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