Selected Publications (2012)

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  • Thessaloniki: K. Sfakianaki Publications (2012)
    Arsitodemou G.
  • XOR-based coding for the 3-user broadcast erasure channel with feedback • Conference Paper
    International Workshop on Resource Allocation and Cooperation in Wireless Networks (RAWNET) (2012)
    Athanasiadou S., Gatzianas M. and Georgiadis L. et al.
  • Feedback-based coding algorithms for broadcast erasure channels with degraded message sets • Conference Paper
    International Symposium on Network Coding (NETCOD) (2012)
    Gatzianas M., Saeedi S. and Fragouli C.
  • Intergenerational transmission of entrepreneurial intentions • Journal Paper
    Journal of Business Venturing, 27(4), pp. 414–435 (2012)
    Laspita S., Breugst N., Heblich S. and & Patzelt H.
  • SCS – 60 years and counting! A time to reflect on the Society’s scholarly contribution to M&S from the turn of the Millennium • Journal Paper
    Simulation: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International, 88(9):1047-1071. SCS. ISI 5-Yr impact factor: 0.737. (2012)
    Mustafee N., Katsaliaki K., Fishwick P. and Williams M.D.
  • Motivations and Barriers in using Distributed Supply Chain Simulation • Journal Paper
    International Transactions in Operational Research, 19(5): 733–751. Wiley. ISI impact factor: 0.481; ABS 1, ABS 2(2012). (2012)
    Mustafee N., Taylor S.J.E., Katsaliaki K., Dwivedi Y.K. and Williams M. D.
  • Rethinking Health Systems Strengthening: Key Systems Thinking Tools and Strategies for Transformational Change • Journal Paper
    Health Policy and Planning, 27(4):54-61. Oxford Journals. ISI 5-yr impact factor: 3.703. (2012)
    Swanson R.C., Cattaneo A., Bradley E., Chunharas S., Atun R., Abbas K.M., Katsaliaki K., Mustafee N., Meier B.M. and Best A.
  • Measuring combined exposure to environmental pressures in urban areas: An air quality and noise pollution assessment approach • Journal Paper
    Environment International 39, 8-18 (2012)
    Vlachokostas Ch., Achillas Ch., Michailidou A.V. and Moussiopoulos N.
9 items total [1 - 9]

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