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  • Prioritise strategies to confront environmental deterioration in urban areas: Multicriteria assessment of public opinion and experts’ views • Journal Paper
    Cities (forthcoming)
    Achillas Ch., Vlachokostas Ch., Moussiopoulos N., Banias G. and Skerletidou E.
  • Shear Strength Behavior of Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Cohesive Soils, Geotextiles and Geomembranes
    Anagnostopoulos K., Tzetzis D. and Berketis K.
  • The Holocaust in Greece and its Legacy • Journal Paper
    Alexandreia (forthcoming)
  • Revisiting Residential Demand for Electricity in Greece: New Evidence from the ARDL Approach to Cointegration Analysis • Journal Paper
    Empirical Economics (forthcoming)
    Dergiades T. and Tsoulfidis L.
  • Assessing Destination Image: An online marketing approach and the case of Tripadvisor • Journal Paper
    Journal of Destination Marketing & Management (forthcoming)
    Kladou S. and Mavragani E.

  • Destination Branding and Relationship Marketing: A Competitive Advantage through Capitalizing on Culture • Journal Paper
    Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management (forthcoming)
    Kladou S., Giannopoulos A., Mavragani E. and Chytiri A. P.

  • Energy Efficiency Monitoring in Local Data Centers • Conference Paper
    Proc. IEEE under review (forthcoming)
    Koutitas G., Tsioliaridou A., Kamilatos I and Vlahavas P. I.
  • The Role of Corporate Governance in Earnings Management: Experience from US Banks • Journal Paper
    Journal of Applied Accounting Research, Volume 13ii (forthcoming)
    Leventis S. and Dimitropoulos P.
  • Agency and Product Market Competition: The Case of Audit Pricing in Greece • Journal Paper
    British Accounting Review (forthcoming)
    Leventis S., Weetman P. and Caramanis C.
  • Greek Museums and Tourists’ Perceptions. An empirical research • Journal Paper
    Springer Journal of the Knowledge Economy (forthcoming)

251 items total [1 - 10]

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