Black Sea Monuments Archive School of Humanities

This project constitutes a visual Monuments Archive. This archive includes photographic material, maps, charts, all related to the Black Sea Region on grounds of archaeological research, historical evidents, ancient and modern Art, and other subjects related both to the stream of Archaeology and History, as well to the stream of Politics and Economy. The Archive's structure is based on large categories, sub-divided in smaller ones, emerging from the courses offered during the master programme Black Sea Cultural Studies.

The gathered digitalized material has either been scanned from books or downloaded from the internet. The main target of this Monuments Archive is to help both tutors and students to visualize the taught topics. Up until now this archive has reached the size of 1GB and comprises 3200 photos. By now this Archive can be reached through the Library PCs.

Contact Person

Aristodemou Georgia

Tel: +30 2310 807570

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