The International Hellenic University constantly comes up with new services that may add value to the cooperating organizations. There are many ways to collaborate with the International Hellenic University:

Recruitment Services for Employers:

Employers may find quickly and without cost, at any period of time, highly qualified graduates with different academic backgrounds for their vacancies. The IHU can help companies to target individual students with specific skills and interests. We do this by developing corporate relations, organizing events on campus and facilitating the recruiting process. Special mention must be given to the IHU’s annual Career Fair which is the most preferred event by employers for recruitment but also for raising their company’s profile and networking with other companies. If your company or institution is in search of an employee (full-time or part-time) we encourage you to post permanent, temporary, full-time and part-time vacancies on our free online system

Find students for Internships:

Corporate internships are a means of solving specific business problems that permanent staff may not have the time to undertake. An internship is also an excellent means of testing potential candidates for full-time positions and seeing whether they have the right competencies or cultural fit. We can help companies advertise their internships to attract the best students. Companies may benefit from students’ enthusiasm, creativity and up-to-date skills and receive insightful recommendations.

Custom made training programs:

Custom made training programs; all at the cutting edge of knowledge can be delivered by IHU, if a company or organization asks for one. We build long-term partnerships with the companies, working closely with organizations to provide tailored solutions, to meet business and educational needs. Through our custom programmes we can also help organizations in their management and succession planning.

Corporate presentations:

The IHU offers to companies the possibility of making corporate presentations, to our program participants with a wide range of communication activities, to our programme participants which may be of interest. Some examples of these activities are:

  • participation in roundtables
  • participation at conferences
  • participation at career events to interact with students
  • speaking at training and business seminars
  • networking sessions

Collaborate with the IHU's academics:

Academic departments, research groups and individuals can collaborate with businesses on a variety of applied research projects. We can may help in finding academics to collaborate with companies for business supported research activities. In addition, experts from the IHU can help in solving discrete problems, conduct independent assessments and address future business challenges. Whatever questions occur the IHU academic staff can supply customized solutions to the issues that are key to business success.

Consulting projects:

Consulting Projects support organizations by delivering tangible results and working solutions. Students are asked to carry out a real-life project in cooperation with a particular company and deliver specific solutions in their field of interest. The integrating project offers participants the opportunity to demonstrate their newly acquired skills and competences. At the end, participants provide to company supervisors and to academic staff a detailed presentation of the project.

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