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One vacancy for PhD studies, immediately available at the School of Science and Technology.
Due to numerous requests the deadline for submitting applications has been extended to 2/2/2016.

The International Hellenic University will consider granting a compensatory scholarship in cases of academic excellence and provided it is warranted by the candidate’s reported income.


Study for a doctoral degree in big data mining

The School of Science & Technology of the International Hellenic University (IHU) invites the submission of applications from candidates who are interested in studying for a PhD degree in the field of Big Data Mining. Applicants should submit the application form and all required documents to the Secretariat of the School of Science & Technology no later than February 2nd, 2016.


Please see the attachments:

  1. Study for a doctoral degree in big data mining
  2. Σπουδές για την απόκτηση διδακτορικού διπλώματος στην εξόρυξη γνώσης από δεδομένα
  3. Application form


The International Hellenic University and Deloitte Greece announced their strategic collaboration at a Press Conference on Tuesday 8 December 2015.

The collaboration will provide, amongst other projects, the organization of common educational activities via workshop seminars and summer-schools, the development of collaborative research, activities within the framework of consultancy projects and students’ dissertations, the joint submission of proposals to national and international research and development programmes and the exchange of views for the improvement and harmonization of the educational process with the modern demands of the job market and businesses.

Furthermore, a series of seminars designated exclusively for the Executive MBA students and graduates are the Deloitte Business Seminar Series, which are delivered by Senior Deloitte’s Executives. These seminars will provide know-how and business best practices in topics such as consultancy, taxation, financial auditing, investment motivation and governance.

This collaboration establishes a new basis for the possibility of obtaining work experience for students via work placements ̶ as Deloitte Greece intends to provide support, via the consultancy - mentoring of students of the International Hellenic University. Consultancy will take place with regards to start-ups and new business projects for innovation contests and pitching events.

“Without a doubt, the strategies used to link the academic community with the business world play an important role both in the development of education and business and also in the country’s economic growth”, says Dimitris Koutsopoulos, CEO of Deloitte. ”We are proud to be joining forces with the International Hellenic University in an effort to respond to current requirements, to support students by providing them with the appropriate skills before they enter the job market and also by offering them employment opportunities”.

Professor Costas Th. Grammenos, CBE, DSc, President of the Governing Board of the International Hellenic University, stated that ”a prerequisite for the survival of Greek public higher education is to approach civil society through the creation of mutually beneficial synergies with the country’s thriving production and business forces. The strategic partnership with Deloitte highlights this need for extroversion and thus, we are looking forward to the significant benefits to the academic and business community, the students and the alumni of the International Hellenic University”.

Talking to ANA-MPA (Athens News Agency – Macedonian Press Agency), Professor Daniel Giamouridis, Dean of the School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies, said, “The strategic partnership announced focuses on three strategic pillars that involve education, training, and research. We have joined forces with Deloitte in order to support the education of our students, alumni, and business executives”. Professor Giamouridis described the strategic partnership as a “major step” for the International Hellenic University that aims to provide academic programmes that are rigorous, current, and relevant to international practice”.

Finally, the IHU student, Ms Anastasia Dimiski, was awarded the Deloitte Scholarship to study at the IHU on the MSc in “Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Management”. The CEO of Deloitte Greece, Mr Koutsopoulos, handed her the Scholarship certificate (see photo).

MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management

New postgraduate programme in Hospitality and Tourism Management
under the auspices of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE)

The first day of classes of the new programme of study MSc Hospitality and Tourism Management, offered this year by the International Hellenic University, commenced on Monday 9 November 2015.

The two-year programme is under the auspices of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) and is supported by many important stakeholders and companies from all over Greece. The programme started in November 2015 with its first intake of 36 postgraduate students. Academics from Greece, England, Switzerland, and other countries will be teaching the courses.

The purpose of the strategic partnership with the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) and the other major tourism stakeholders is to make the most of their expertise and experience while at the same time to connect the university with the tourism industry through: joint educational and training initiatives for students and executives, consulting and dissertation projects and the possibility of offering jobs to graduates of the MSc Hospitality and Tourism Management who demonstrate outstanding academic performance.

The postgraduate programme MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management provides students with a broad and comprehensive set of knowledge and skills aiming at the effective management of tourist establishments. It aims at acquiring knowledge in order to address the effective decision-making and critical evaluation of issues related to management in the broader tourism sector, while providing practical guidance regarding administrative and strategic issues in the rapidly evolving industry both nationally and internationally. The programme also aims at providing the knowledge required to formulate strategy for tourism businesses and organisations with a focus on environmental legislation governing this sector and which in recent years is becoming vital.

If hospitality means to turn strangers into friends, then you earned a friend,” declared Dr Marc Stierand, Assistant Professor from the Swiss Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, during the first class of the course. Dr Marc Stierand is the first of a series of academics from abroad who will teach on the MSc. “I can teach you Hospitality Management but you showed me what hospitality really is. Thank you for this valuable experience”.

The International Hellenic University in order to engage in a dialogue with society has formed partnerships with major tourism operators (see in detail here) in order to link the business community with students who will be entering the job market.

You can check the photos here.


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