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The IHU going green - a step in the right direction
A 17 kWp Photovoltaic Station in operation at the IHU campus for educational and research purposes

A major step in making the International Hellenic University partially independent from fossil fuels was taken with the operation of a photovoltaic station with an installed capacity of 17 kWp. The units are connected with Building B of the IHU campus in Thessaloniki and cover a significant portion of its annual electricity consumption, helping reduce pollution in the region. The International Hellenic University thus makes a first move to becoming a green-energy-friendly university.

The PV station will be used for educational and research activities carried out by the IHU in the framework of the MSc in Energy Systems and the MSc in Sustainable Development, while.

The PV Station consists of 68 polycrystalline solar panels of 250 Wp with an efficiency of 15.4 %, which are divided into three two-axis trackers and connected to two inverters with a total power of 20 kW.

The station was put into operation on the 1/1/2014 and already supplies the building B of the International Hellenic University with electricity. The annual electricity production of the station is estimated at 35 MWh, which corresponds to 27% of the annual demand of the building and will bring an economic benefit of around 5,600€ per year (at current prices).

The project was implemented under the Public Investment Programme for 2013 through the prerequisite competitive and transparent tender process.



"Protection from Banking Contracts: The only defence is the judicial defence"

was the theme of the conference organised by the International University of Greece and Thessaloniki Bar Association which attracted the interest of Thessaloniki’s legal professionals on 10 and 11 January 2014.

The workshop was held in the packed conference centre of Piraeus Bank in Thessaloniki and was organized by the Bar Association of Thessaloniki and the International Hellenic University together with the Association of Graduate and PhD Legal Students of AUTH.

The initiative and the concept for the conference belonged to Professor Athanassios Kaissis, Member of the Governing Board of the International Hellenic University and Professor of Law, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Professor Kaissis, who also chaired the sessions of the first day, reported on the constantly changing situation in the banking landscape and the fact that new loan products are constantly being created by the banking system. In the face of differences and conflicts arising in the context of bank contracts, Professor Kaissis emphatically underlined that "The only defence is the legal defence". He stressed the enormous social dimensions of the problem as he introduced the audience to the individual aspects of the issues arising, which were further developed in subsequent presentations.



Friday, 20 December 2013 16:26

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