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The Summer School on Ancient Technology & the Voyage of Luxuries 2017, which was organised by the School of Humanities of the International Hellenic University, has been completed successfully! The main goal of the programme was to provide students from different parts of the world an international forum on technological achievements of the ancient Greek world and to make greater use of the rich resources of Greece in terms of specialists in ancient technology research.
You can check the Photο Book of the Summer School below.

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Distance Distance learning programmes by the International Hellenic University


Courses in the new postgraduate programmes “MSc in Sustainable Agriculture and Business” and “MSc in Bioeconomy Law, Regulation and Management” will be conducted through innovative methods other than the traditional stand‐up lecture/demonstration. These methods use distance learning technologies to reach students in order to liberate learner-instructor and learner-learner interaction from time and space limitations.

The primary focus behind the design of our e-learning programme is our commitment to offer meaningful learning and help students achieve high satisfaction and develop complex cognitive and social skills that are increasingly valuable in the job market. 

Teaching methods are based on learner-centered education standards and involve:
(a) face-to-face or classroom based learning (students will be required to be physically present at the University for one or two days at the beginning of each semester)
(b) asynchronous learning (students will use online learning resources and will be assessed through a variety of diagnostic tools and formative assessment techniques)
(c) synchronous learning (‘teleconferences’ and virtual meetings will be held regularly during each semester) and
(d) summative assessment (students will be required to be physically present at the University for the final exams at the end of each semester).

For more information about the distance learning programmes you can visit the following links:
MSc in Sustainable Agriculture and Business
MSc in Bioeconomy Law, Regulation and Management” .




The International Hellenic University announces that the School of Science and Technology has been successful with a proposal for 3.069.000 euros funding by ERASMUS+ Key Action 1 – Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMDs) programme, titled: “MSc in Smart Cities and Communities” in collaboration with Universite de Mons, Heriot-Watt University and Universidad del Pais Vasco. The Schools’ involvement was coordinated by Assistant Professor C. Tjortjis.Smart Cities

The programme is structured and designed to improve the quality and relevance of higher education via the cooperation of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and the labour market and to support activities that help attune curricula to current demands of the market, while as a second step to offer employability and transversal skills including entrepreneurship and innovation. Among its objectives, the programme will develop active cooperation between HEIs and non-academic partners: enterprises, professional organisations, social partners, local and/or regional bodies, etc.

In addition, the programme aims at giving opportunities to students for new skills and state-of-the-art knowledge at regional and transnational level and fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, employability, knowledge exchange and multidisciplinary learning.

The first intake of students is planned for 2018-19. Several full scholarships will be available. Prospective students who wish to study the exciting emerging field of Smart Cities can consider the option of doing part of their master in Spain, Greece, Belgium or the U.K. and are encouraged to watch this space.

Further information on the programme will be provided soon.

Applications are open for our Master's programmes for the academic year 2017-18:



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