Manoledakis Manolis Assistant Professor, Classical Archaeology , School ofHumanities

Manolis Manoledakis is Assistant Professor of Classical Archaeology at the International Hellenic University, School of Humanities. He has studied History and Archaeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (BA 1997, MA 1999, PhD 2003, also Postdoctoral fellowship by the National Hellenic Research Foundation in 2005). From 2006 he has been teaching Classical Archaeology at the University of Ioannina, the Democritus University of Thrace, the Hellenic Open University and the International Hellenic University.

From 1998 and 2000 he has been participating in the excavations of the Aristotle University at Vergina and of the University of Ioannina at Minoa on Amorgos respectively.

He speaks English and German fluently.

Most of his publications (monographs, articles etc.) and research work are relevant to his main scientific interests, which include archaeology and ancient history of Central Macedonia and the Black Sea region, ancient topography and geography, ancient Greek religion and cults, Greek mythology within its historical context and ancient Greek monumental and vase painting. See more in:






Selected Publications

  • Manoledakis M., "A proposal relating to a votive inscription to Zeus Helios from Pontus ", ZPE 173 (2010), 116-118 (2010) • Journal Paper
  • Manoledakis M., "Choirades, Kerasous, Pharnakeia. Observations on three ancient place-names in the southern Black Sea ", Ancient West and East 9.2010, 137-155 (2010) • Journal Paper
  • Manoledakis M., "On the cults of Sinope and the founders of the city ", in: E.K. Petropoulos – A.A. Maslennikov (eds.), Ancient Sacral Monuments in the Black Sea, Thessaloniki 2010, 563-576 (2010) • Book Chapter
  • Manoledakis M., "Ist die vergebliche Mühe in der Unterwelt immer eine Strafe? Die Fälle der Danaiden und des Oknos", Thetis 13/14 (2007), 33-40 (2007) • Journal Paper
  • Manoledakis M. and Androudis P., "The water-drawing system (qanat) of St. Paraskevi in Hortiatis", ΑΕΜΘ (The Archaeological work in Macedonia and Thrace) 21 (2007), 285-292 (in Greek) (2007) • Conference Paper
  • Manoledakis M. and Livieratos E., "On the digital placement of Aegae, the first capital of ancient Macedonia, according to Ptolemy’s Geographia", e-Perimetron 2.1 (2007), 31-41 (e-journal: (2007) • Journal Paper

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