Archontakis Fragiskos Academic Associate, PhD in Economics, School ofEconomics and Business Administration

Dr Fragiskos Archontakis holds an MA in Economics and Econometrics from the University of Manchester and a PhD(Econ) from the European University Institute, Florence. Prior joining IHU, Fragiskos was employed among others by the European Commission, the Spanish High Research Council (CSIC), the University of Alicante, RAND Europe and the University of Athens.

His research has appeared in international journals such as:Research Policy, Scientometrics, Journal of Sports Economics,Statistical Methods and Applications, the Journal of Technology Transfer.

Selected Publications

  • Kyrgidou L., Archontakis F., Georgiou C., and Petridou E., "The role of location as a selection criterion in FDI: The case of SMEs in Greece", Journal of East-West Business, Vol. 21, pp. 233-255. (2015) • Journal Paper
  • Archontakis F. and Varsakelis N., "U.S. Patents Abroad: Does Gravity Matter?", The Journal of Technology Transfer. 36 (4): 404-416 (2011) • Journal Paper
  • Archontakis F., Azagra-Caro J.M. and Yegros-Yegros A., "In which Regions do Universities patent and publish more?", Scientometrics 70(2): 251-266 (2007) • Journal Paper
  • Archontakis F., Azagra-Caro J.M., Gutiérrez-Gracia A. and Fernández-de-Lucio I., "“Faculty support for the objectives of university–industry relations versus degree of R&D cooperation: The importance of regional absorptive capacity", Research Policy 35(1): 37-55 (2006) • Journal Paper

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