Transnational and European Commercial Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation-Arbitration)

The International Hellenic University is specializing in Transnational and European Commercial Law & Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation-Arbitration). This specialization aims to provide a thorough analysis of commercial law and alternative dispute resolution (mediation-arbitration) within a transnational, EU and international context. The emphasis is to understand how cross-border business activities, companies and financial markets are regulated and how alternative dispute resolution is conducted. Moreover, emphasis is given on the international organizations and institutions which are contributing to the development of these areas of law. Focusing on these fields is particularly challenging after the global financial crisis. This specialization of the International Hellenic University might be interesting for lawyers, entrepreneurs, companies, public/private organizations and other businesses seeking expertise in international, EU and transnational commercial law, economic law, company law, capital markets law, financial law and alternative dispute resolution (mediation-arbitration). We focus on:

  • European Commercial Law
  • Transnational Commercial Law
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Recognition and Enforcement of international arbitral awards
  • Energy Charter Treaty
  • Legal Aspects of International Finance
  • International and European Tax Law
  • European Labor & Employment Law
  • Intellectual Property Law – Innovation, Technology and Patent Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • European & International Competition Law/ Antitrust Law
  • Internet Law and E-Business
  • Banking Legal Environment
  • European Procedural Law
  • EU Consumer Law

Staff Members

The following staff members are active in this research area:

Kaissis Athanassios

Professor, School of Economics and Business Administration

Komninos Komnios

Academic Associate, PhD in Civil Law and Civil Procedure, School of Humanities

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