Green ICT

Green ICT has emerged as an important scientific domain that is expected to provide efficient energy management both within the ICT sector itself and other sectors of the economy (building, grid, transportation). According to the 20-20-20 goal of EU, Green ICT is expected to hold a key role to the more efficient use of the resources. Under the coverage umbrella of Green ICT are the energy efficient communication networks, the sophisticated applications of sensor networks (wired or wireless) for efficient energy management in the built environment (smartgrids/smartbuildings) and the environmental monitoring. At International Hellenic University we focus our research on providing expertise in green communication networks, deployment of sensor networks for real time monitoring of energy and environmental data and the development of sophisticated algorithms for energy management, automation and quality of life.


Staff Members

The following staff members are active in this research area:

Vlahavas P. Ioannis

Professor, Dean, School of Science and Technology

Selected Publications

  • Koutitas G., Tsioliaridou A., Kamilatos I and Vlahavas P. I., "Energy Efficiency Monitoring in Local Data Centers", Proc. IEEE under review (forthcoming) • Conference Paper
  • Stavropoulos A., Vrakas D., Arvanitidis A. and Vlahavas P. I., "A System for Energy Savings in an Ambient Environment", (under review) (forthcoming) • Conference Paper

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