Cultural Environment & Archaeology of the Greek World

The proposed programme aims to examine important aspects of the ancient Greek culture in the light of both social and exact sciences.
Specifically, among others it focuses on:

  • the influence of natural environment on the ancient Greek civilization and vice versa
  • economy, trade and exchange
  • society, public and private life
  • religion and mythology
  • the Greek polis
  • ancient technology

It also offers lab courses, including

  • excavation practices
  • maritime archaeology
  • archaeometry and new technologies in archaeology

Staff Members

The following staff members are active in this research area:

Drougou Stella

Professor, Governing Board Member, School of -

Manoledakis Manolis

Assistant Professor, Classical Archaeology , School of Humanities

Tel: +30 2310 807537

Hatzopoulos B. Miltiades

Dr, PhD from the University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne, School of -

Selected Publications

  • Anastasiou M., Hasapis Th., Zorba T., Pavlidou E., Chrissafis K. and Paraskevopoulos K.M., "TG-DTA and FTIR analyses of plasters from byzantine monuments in Balkan region. Comparative study", Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 2006, 84, 27 (2008) • Journal Paper
  • Civici N., Anastasiou M., Zorba T., Paraskevopoulos K.M., Dilo T., Stamati F. and Arapi M., "Studying wall paintings in Berati Castle (Albania): Comparative examination of materials and techniques in XIVth and XVIth century churches", Journal of Cultural Heritage, 2008, 9, 207 (2008) • Journal Paper
  • Manoledakis M., "Ist die vergebliche Mühe in der Unterwelt immer eine Strafe? Die Fälle der Danaiden und des Oknos", Thetis 13/14 (2007), 33-40 (2007) • Journal Paper
  • Manoledakis M. and Androudis P., "The water-drawing system (qanat) of St. Paraskevi in Hortiatis", ΑΕΜΘ (The Archaeological work in Macedonia and Thrace) 21 (2007), 285-292 (in Greek) (2007) • Conference Paper
  • Manoledakis M. and Livieratos E., "On the digital placement of Aegae, the first capital of ancient Macedonia, according to Ptolemy’s Geographia", e-Perimetron 2.1 (2007), 31-41 (e-journal: (2007) • Journal Paper

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