Art, Law & Economy

The relationship between art, law and the economy has developed into a complex but also financially substantial driving force in the contemporary global market environment. Research at the School of Humanities shall be aimed at exploring and highlighting the functional interdependence between them. Emphasis shall be placed, among others, upon:

  • the legal, financial and political considerations and the corresponding regulatory approaches implemented in Europe and elsewhere concerning the creation of works of art and their commercialization;
  • the operation of the international art market;
  • the function of Intellectual Property law at EU and international level;
  • the protection of human culture;
  • the protection against unlawfully acquired works of art.

Staff Members

The following staff members are active in this research area:

Kaissis Athanassios

Professor, School of Economics and Business Administration

Komninos Komnios

Academic Associate, PhD in Civil Law and Civil Procedure, School of Humanities

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