Selected Publications (2009)

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  • Clustering for Monitoring Software Systems Maintainability Evolution • Journal Paper
    Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, Elsevier, Vol. 233, pp. 43-57 (2009)
    Antonellis P., Antoniou D., Kanellopoulos Y., Makris C., Theodoridis E., Tjortjis C. and Tsirakis N.
  • Code4Thought Project: Employing the ISO/IEC-9126 standard for Software Engineering - Product Quality Assessment • Conference Paper
    Proc. IEEE 13th European Conf. Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR 2009), pp. 297-300 (2009)
    Antonellis P., Antoniou D., Kanellopoulos Y., Makris C., Theodoridis E., Tjortjis C. and Tsirakis N.
  • Measurement of the Enhancement of the Thermal Conductivity of an Epoxy-Resin Polymer when Reinforced with Glass Fibres and/or Carbon Multi-Walled Nanotubes • Journal Paper
    J. Chem. Eng. Data, Vol. 54 (9), pp 2365–2370 (2009)
    Assael M. J., Antoniadis K.D., Metaxa I. and Tzetzis D.
  • Impact Damage Behaviour of Composite Materials after Long-Term Exposure to a Hydrothermal Environment • Book Chapter
    Encyclopaedia of Polymer Composites, ISBN: 978-1-60741-717-0, Editor: Mikhail Lechkov and Sergej Prandzheva © 2009 Nova Science Publishers, New York, USA, Chapter 27 (2009)
    Berketis K. and Tzetzis D.
  • Long Term Water Immersion Ageing Characteristics of GFRP Composites • Journal Paper
    Journal of Materials Science, Vol. 44, pp.3578-3588 (2009)
    Berketis K. and Tzetzis D.
  • Impact Damage Detection and Degradation Monitoring Of Wet GFRP Composites Using Non-Contact Ultrasonics • Journal Paper
    Polymer Composites, Vol. 30 (8), pp. 1043-1049 (2009)
    Berketis K., Tzetzis D. and Hogg P.J.
  • The Non-Contact Ultrasonics Used for Impact Damage Detection on Long-Term Water Immersed GFRP Composites • Journal Paper
    International Journal of Microstructure and Materials, Vol. 4 (1-2),pp. 34-44 (2009)
    Berketis K., Tzetzis D. and Hogg P.J.
  • The ex-dividend day stock price anomaly: Evidence from the Greek stock market • Journal Paper
    Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, Vol. 23, pp. 59-91 (2009)
    Dasilas A.
  • Volatility and error transmission spillover effects: Evidence from three European financial regions • Journal Paper
    Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Vol. 49, pp. 858-869 (2009)
    Dasilas A., Koulakiotis A. and Papasyriopoulos N.
  • The impact of dividend initiations on Greek listed firms’ wealth and volatility across information environments • Journal Paper
    Managerial Finance, Vol. 35, No. 6, pp. 531-543 (2009)
    Dasilas A., Lyroudi K. and Ginoglou D.
26 items total [1 - 10]

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