Selected Publications (2008)

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  • TG-DTA and FTIR analyses of plasters from byzantine monuments in Balkan region. Comparative study • Journal Paper
    Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 2006, 84, 27 (2008)
    Anastasiou M., Hasapis Th., Zorba T., Pavlidou E., Chrissafis K. and Paraskevopoulos K.M.
  • Employing Clustering for Assisting Source Code Maintainability Evaluation according to ISO/IEC-9126 • Conference Paper
    Proc. Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Software Engineering Workshop (AISEW 2008) (2008)
    Antonellis P., Antoniou D., Kanellopoulos Y., Makris C., Theodoridis E., Tjortjis C. and Tsirakis N.
  • The Use of the Transient Hot-Wire Technique for Measurement of the Thermal Conductivity of an Epoxy Resin Reinforced with Glass Fibres and/or Carbon Multi-Walled Nanotubes • Journal Paper
    Composites Science & Technology, Vol. 68 (15-16), pp. 3178-3183 (2008)
    Assael M. J., Antoniadis K.D. and Tzetzis D.
  • The Influence Of Long Term Water Immersion Ageing On Impact Damage Behaviour And Residual Compression Strength οf GFRP • Journal Paper
    Materials and Design Journal, Vol. 29, pp. 1300-1310 (2008)
    Berketis K., Tzetzis D. and Hogg P.J.
  • Studying wall paintings in Berati Castle (Albania): Comparative examination of materials and techniques in XIVth and XVIth century churches • Journal Paper
    Journal of Cultural Heritage, 2008, 9, 207 (2008)
    Civici N., Anastasiou M., Zorba T., Paraskevopoulos K.M., Dilo T., Stamati F. and Arapi M.
  • Joint valuation effects of Greek interim dividend and earnings announcements • Journal Paper
    Studies in Economics and Finance, Vol. 25, No 4, pp. 212-232 (2008)
    Dasilas A., Lyroudi K. and Ginoglou D.
  • Scoring and summarizing gene product clusters using the Gene Ontology • Journal Paper
    Int’l Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics, Inderscience, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp.216- 235 (2008)
    Denaxas S. and Tjortjis C.
  • Estimating Residential Demand for Electricity in the United States, 1965-2006 • Journal Paper
    Energy Economics 30(5), 2722-2730 (2008)
    Dergiades T. and Tsoulfidis L.
  • A distributed algorithm for maximum lifetime routing in sensor networks with mobile sink • Journal Paper
    IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (2008)
    Gatzianas M. and Georgiadis L.

  • Interpretation of Source Code Clusters in Terms of the ISO/IEC-9126 Maintainability Characteristics • Conference Paper
    Proc. 12th European Conf. Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR 2008), pp. 63-72 (2008)
    Kanellopoulos Y., Heitlager I., Tjortjis C., and Visser J.
20 items total [1 - 10]

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